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Mastering Middle School Maths

Algebra, Geometry & Statistics revision solutions
Many students find middle school Maths a big jump from Maths in primary school. Whether it’s adding like terms in Algebra, plotting points in Geometry or drawing histograms, private Maths tutoring for your student may make all the difference in achieving understanding and experiencing success .

It is important to make sure that basic numeracy concepts such as place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and decimals, are well understood as these are the foundations for success in higher Mathematics. At You and Me Tutoring any gaps in these foundations will be identified and addressed while assisting the student to keep up with new content being introduced at school.

Click on the ‘Our Staff’ tab at the top to learn more about Marilyn’s credentials (Registered Teacher with QCT) or explore other tabs at the top of the page. To make a booking or find out more, click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab.  We look forward to helping your student become a confident and competent learner.

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